Carter & Sons’ Auto Service Price List


Regular Oil Changes

We use a synthetic blend for all regular oil changes.
The price of the oil filter and 22-point inspection is included
in the price of the oil change. (Tax and waste not included.)

5-quart oil change: $32.95

6-quart oil change: $35.95

7-quart oil change: $38.95

8-quart oil change: $41.95


Full Synthetic Oil Changes

All full synthetic oil changes include a 22-point inspection. The price of the oil filter is not included in the price of the oil change. (Tax and waste not included.)

5-Quart Full Synthetic Oil Change $49.75

6-Quart Full Synthetic Oil Change $59.70

7-Quart Full Synthetic Oil Change $69.95

8-Quart Full Synthetic Oil Change $79.60

9-Quart Full Synthetic Oil Change $89.55

Synthetic Oil: $9.95 per quart

Oil Filter: Price varies per vehicle.

Tire Services:

Tire Rotation (Car): $20.00                                          

Tire Rotation (Truck): $30.00                                       

Mount (Regular): $10.00                                                     

Mount (Truck): $20.00

Balance (Regular): $10.00

Balance (Truck): $20.00

Rotate & Balance (Car): $34.95

Rotate & Balance (Truck): $44.95

Mount & Balance Low Profile Tires: $30.00

4-Wheel Alignment (Regular): $119.95

4-Wheel Alignment (Large Truck): $139.95

Tire Plug: $15.00

Tire Patch: $30.00



There will be a minimum check out fee of $35.00.

Computer Diagnostic: $60.00

Uber Inspection: $60.00

PM Inspection: $60.00

Transmission Flush: $159.95

Radiator Coolant Flush: $69.95

Fuel Injection Cleaning: $139.95

We do not accept customer supplied parts.

Please feel free to contact us for pricing or any additional questions!

Additional Services:


Shocks and struts

Brake repair

AC Service


Timing belts and chains


Belts and hoses


Electrical repair


Engine Service


Fuel injection

Exhaust and muffler service

Computerized diagnostics

Water pumps

Computerized 4-wheel alignments

Radiator service